The Knights of St. Andrew is an elite invitational unit of Scottish Rite Masons. The Knights of St. Andrew exist as a service organization on behalf of all members of their Consistory. They provide services wherever they are needed.  Their flexibility and enthusiasm make the Knights of St. Andrew one of the Valley's most active and desirable organizations.

Their duties include but are not limited to, aiding the Tilers, acting as greeters, providing escort services for dignitaries or for special events created for the ladies during reunions or other functions, serving as guides, assisting the Scottish degree work, and helping present the Colors. Knights of St. Andrew also assist in the calling committees, participate in parades or civic activities, promote fund-raising events, and aid in any special event.

Membership in the Knights of St Andrew is an excellent way to nurture and develop the future leaders as they learn their organizational and leadership skills, explore the inner structures of their Scottish Rite Centers, and thus gain a deeper admiration for our Order and Brethren who work in Freemasonry as a whole.

The 29th Degree, Knight of St. Andrew, transitions from the 28th Degree to the 30th Degree. Within this transition are found many lessons, teaching us reverence and obedience to the Deity, the service of Truth, the practice of Virtue and Innocence; and also to battle for Truth and Right, Free Speech, and Free Thought; and in this to defend the people against tyranny. The Scottish Knight of Saint Andrew takes these lessons to heart and thus the qualities of Charity, Clemency, and Generosity prevail; all of this brought about by Humanity, Patience, and Self-Denial. As Scottish Knights of Saint Andrew, we find Honor and Chivalry in this position. The Knights of Saint Andrew are designed to place these lessons into action.


2019 Officers of the the Galveston Chapter of the Knights of Saint Andrew and the Order of the Thistle

Chartered May 23, 2009

Office Name
Venerable Master Jeffery Wright 32°
Senior Warden Don Callan 32°
Junior Warden Patrick Wheeler 32° 
Secretary/Treasurer Kevin L. Thompson 32°
Senior Deacon Stephen Maxwell 32° 
Junior Deacon Al Holomon 32°
Chaplin TBD
Marshall TBD
Sentinel Steve Lamb 32°


Past Venerable Masters*
Jeff Modzelewski 32° KCCH (2018)

*This list is still being compiled.

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