The Galveston Scottish Rite holds its scheduled stated meeting on the second Friday of each month at the Galveston Scottish Rite Cathedral (2128 Church St, Galveston, Tx 77550) except during the summer months or otherwise noted. Exact dates and locations are listed below, please remember check these first if you will be attending.

Unless otherwise noted for all valley dates the Executive Meetings are at 5:00PM, Dinner at 6:00PM, and Stated Meeting at 7:00PM. The Fall and Spring Reunions are hosted on two consecutive Saturdays and begin at 8:30AM and conclude at 6:00PM. 

January 8 Stated Meeting (Online)

January 10 KoSA Workday 

January 14– 16 Grand Lodge of Texas  

January 31 KOSA Workday (1PM-5PM at Cathedral)

February 6 Grand Master Conference at Cathedral
(8AM - Hosted by Harmony No 6)

February 12 Stated Meeting

March 13 Stated Meeting, One Day Spring Reunion (CANCELLED)

April 9 Stated Meeting, Maundy Thursday

May 14 Stated Meeting, Program TBD

May 16 GM K. Curry at Masonic Oak Brazoria (if possible)

June 11 Stated Meeting, Program

July 9 Stated Meeting 2022 Planning Meeting 

August 13 Stated Meeting State of the Valley
SGIG Visit, Education Program

September 11 Honors Day in Dallas

September 17 Stated Meeting- Patriots Day 

October 8 Honors Dinner in Houston

October 15 Stated Meeting - Educational Program

October 16 Fall Reunion One Day

November 12 Stated Meeting Thanksgiving Banquet, Obligatory
Toasts & Tishri, 2022 Officer Nominations

December 10 Stated Meeting, Christmas Banquet, Ring Presentations,
Election of 2022 Officers

* Please note that this page is subject to frequent revisions and changes as other dates from the regional clubs and the Knights of Saint Andrew are added. Please bookmark this page and check back regularly. Also be sure to sign up for the newsletter if you have not done so.

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