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Welcome to the Galveston Valley of the Scottish Rite Online Shop!

We have an assortment of pamphlets, rare books, and other items we have made available for purchase to help raise funds for the valley. All proceeds generated from this store will benefit our building, art restorations, and/or Almoner's funds. Your purchase is kindly appreciated.

We utilize PayPal and accept all major credit cards. Postage costs are not included within the listed prices, all sales are final. Thank You!

Often referred to as the University of Freemasonry, the degrees and lectures of the Scottish Rite are most memorable and enlightening. You will greatly expand your Masonic knowledge and cement lasting bonds with your brothers in the fraternity. We invite all Master Masons to join the Scottish Rite. First you must submit a petition, then click the buy now button below to pay your initiation fee. Read More...

Initiation Fee: $275.00 (FILL OUT YOUR PETITION)

The 150th Anniversary Commemorative Coin. 1.85 inches diameter, etched stainless steal, engraved with an outline of the 1929 A.A.S.R. Cathedral on the front and the State of Texas with all Valley locations on the reverse. Heavy duty. Limited quantity available.

Price: $10.00


The 150th Anniversary of the Galveston Valley History Booklet. Containing the 4000 plus word definitive history of the Galveston Scottish Rite, colored photo tour of the 1929 Cathedral, and listing of all 33° & KCCH members of the Valley. 30 pgs, 8.5 x 5.5 in, glossy cardstock cover, and printed on high quality paper. Limited quantity available.

Price: $4.00

Very rare, near mint pre-1928 Postcard of Harmony Hall's beautiful library. Harmony Hall was the first permanent home of the Galveston Valley of the Scottish Rite and was designed by the notable Texas Architect Nicholas Clayton. 5.5 inches by 3.5 inches on aged card stock. Limited quantity available.

Price: $4.00

Like New, near mint 1967 edition of James Carter's First Century of Scottish Rite Masonry in Texas. A seminal historical work on the Scottish Rite. Hardback and including original cellophane book sleeve. 508 pages. Limited quantity available.

Price: $75.00

Like New, near mint 1985 edition of Henry Clausen's classic work on Albert Pike's Morals and Dogma. A must have for any student of Scottish Rite philosophy. A great book to further understand Pike's seminal text. 258 pages. Hardback and including original cellophane book sleeve. Limited quantity available.

Price: $25.00

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