All the current officers of the San Felipe Lodge of Perfection, Galveston Chapter of the Rose Croix, Galveston Council Knights Kadosh, and the Galveston Consistory. Without the loyal dedication and countless hours spent by our officers the Valley of Galveston could not function.

2017 LODGE

San Felipe Lodge of Perfection

Chartered  May 16, 1867
Venerable Master Duane Anthony 33°
Senior Warden Shawn Molina 32°
Junior Warden Paul Green 32° KCCH
Orator Jack Cotterell 32° KCCH
Expert Roy DeGesero 32° KCCH
Assistant Expert Buddy Wiser 32° KCCH

Galveston Chapter of Rose Croix
Chartered  August 23, 1882
Wise Master Jeffrey Wright 32°
Senior Warden Jeff Modzelewski 32° KCCH
Junior Warden Joe Sims 33°
Orator Clyde Batten 32° KCCH
Expert Dennis D. Reader 32° KCCH
Assistant Expert Scott Coker 32°

Galveston Council Knights Kadosh
Chartered October 20, 1899
Commander Clyde Wood 32° KCCH
1st Sub Commander Mike Palkowetz 32°
2nd Sub Commander Gerald Harris 33°
Orator Terry Valmain 32 °
Expert Stephen Maxwell 32°
Assistant Expert Dino Htira 32°

Galveston Consistory

Chartered November 19, 1899
Master of Kadosh Paul Knight 32° KCCH
Prior Alvin Holomon 32°
Preceptor Donald Callan 32°
Orator Mark Love 32° KCCH
Expert Travis Campbell 32°
Assistant Expert Max Pelham 32°

Officers Common to all Four Lodges
Treasurer Thomas F. Griffin 33°
General Secretary R. J. Bowen 33°
Secretary Emeritus
(Not Elected Office)
Russell C. Eberley, 33° SGIH
Almoner John Gunning 32° KCCH
Chaplain Fred A. Quenzer, Jr. 32° KCCH
Tiler Marion Devore 32° KCCH
Personal Rep. Brack Jones, Jr. 33°